Voxel Crazy Head and Metaspace․game Narrate a Combination of Reality, Game Vogue, and Excessive Abilities

Voxel Crazy Head and Metaspace․game Narrate a Combination of Reality, Game Vogue, and Excessive Abilities

Voxel Crazy Head and Metaspace․game Narrate a Combination of Reality, Game Vogue, and Excessive Abilities

PRESS RELEASE. Voxel Crazy Head and Metaspace.game invite customers to create their own avatars and take part in a thrilling metaverse adventure.

What Is Voxel Crazy Head?

Voxel Crazy Head is a blockchain-based sequence of 10,000 peculiar NFT heads that also feature as keys to the metaverse. The voxel head becomes a digital avatar, gaining access to the Metaspace.game meta platform. Each head’s peculiar DNA code impacts the character’s fate. The sequence contains 12 attributes with 324 that you can deem of values; and the number of combinations is 40778090496000.

Gain Access to Metaspace.game With Voxel Crazy Head

Metaspace.game is a symbiosis of reality, game model and excessive skills. The graphics are applied with the Unreal Engine game engine. The main goal of the metaverse is to integrate all excessive-tech companies and technologies into a single virtual realm, including shops, banks, on-line cinemas, social networks, provide companies, training, entertainment, competitions, communication, trade, and many others.

Have in mind the following scenario: a individual wants to purchase a place of land in some area for construction. The individual connects to Metaspace.game, selects the area of passion and teleports their avatar there. It allows them to explore the area virtually, quiz about land sales, and negotiate a purchase agreement. For instance, remark a individual wants to purchase an apartment in one of the constructions in Singapore. By connecting to Metaspace.game, they can take the building of their need. Then the individual can virtually gape the internal of an apartment in the building if the building is participating in the ‘metaspace digital replica’ program, and a digital replica of the apartment is stored in the database.

Regarding purchasing objects, it is similar – for instance, if a individual wants to purchase sneakers, they can scramble to Metaspace.game and scramble to the appropriate retailer. The individual can be assisted by an avatar consultant in the virtual retailer and confirmed the available merchandise. After making a need and paying for items in the metaverse, the retailer will bring the sneakers to the individual in reality.

No longer All Digital Assets in the Metaverse Will Be Linked to Real Ones

As part of the platform, peculiar virtual assets will also be available. For example, a individual may purchase a virtual place of land and acquire a apartment. At some point, they can resell this apartment to another avatar drawn to searching for it. In addition, avatars want to have housing to obtain new opportunities. In addition to renting residential or commercial properties, participants will also have the alternative to rent shops, ready-made companies, robots, tools, and transportation companies.

Along with various companies, the team will also add gameplay to the platform. Some of us can very easily use the metaverse as a hub for various companies, but others may be searching for an adrenaline race – in that case, welcome to gameplay. Avatars of customers can acquire essential abilities, purchase or rent necessary tools (transport, robots, exoskeletons) and explore unknown planets. An avatar’s exploration of an unknown planet may be dangerous, as the avatar may die at some stage in the expedition, and then all their achievements can be misplaced, and they may want to start over from scratch.

Users will, then again, also have the alternative to bag one thing very attractive/dear at some stage in the expedition and return as heroes. Afterwards, they may increase their stage and authority, enabling them to receive extra thrilling contract offers. The platform also offers the chance to save ahead of sending an avatar on an expedition, but the number of saves can be restricted.

The game’s fable begins at the spaceport ‘C-101’, as depicted in the trailer above. From C-101, the avatars are sent to the excessive-tech metropolis of ‘Cradle 3252’ on Mars. Cradle 3252 is a system of six islands connected by an artificial sea, and a large dome covers the total metropolis. Cradle 3252 is the heart of the metaverse.


Avatars are 3D objects of males and ladies. All thru avatar generation, customers can be able to pick their avatar’s gender identification. Avatars luxuriate in particular characteristics, such as IQ, health, agility, strength, and many others. In gentle of this, it is necessary to attain the necessary characteristic stage to carry out particular actions in the course of the metaverse. For example, an avatar with poor health and low strength/agility is probably no longer sent on an expedition attributable to the chance of death. It is, attributable to this fact, necessary for participants to constantly upgrade their avatars.

Avatars are the main asset in the metaverse, the extra developed they are, the extra advantages/earnings they can present. An avatar with a higher IQ can receive probably the most favourable deals. For example, an avatar with an IQ of 70 can be able to lock tokens at 15%, and an avatar with an IQ of 100 at 23%. An avatar that has accomplished the training course ‘Architect of Meta-Islands’ can be serious about creating the principle that of a brand-new island. After ending the work, the avatar will receive payment in tokens.

Each avatar has peculiar DNA. Sooner than being sent to Mars, all avatars are injected with a synthetic genome to exist in artificial gravity. This genome affects different DNA in differing ways. Some avatars display telepathic abilities; some was very considerable, and others are extremely agile.

Desktop and Mobile Variations of the Platform

The desktop version of the platform is the first stage of model to make clear that corpulent functionality and gameplay.

The second stage of the advance course of is creating a shortened version of the functionality for cellular gadgets. The platform’s cellular version will have restricted gameplay capabilities attributable to the technical limitations of mobiles. Users can then again, manage investments, carry out contracts, conduct transactions, and use some companies that achieve no longer place a heavy load on the gadget’s hardware via the cellular version.

Financial system

There can be a token issued in the metaverse for the internal economic system. The mission’s white paper gives a detailed description of token distribution, and the token is planned to be applied on the Ethereum blockchain. The team will incorporate staking into the mission to maintain and invent its internal economic system. Metaspace.game participants can manage their investments, signal contracts, and trade the use of their accounts. At the moment, work is in development on the creation of the cabinet.

Take whitelist right here: https://www.premint.xyz/voxel-crazy-head-final-raffle/

Please scramble to the following websites or social media platforms for extra information:

Voxel Crazy Head: http://voxelcrazyhead.com/

VCH Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoxelCrazyHead

Metaspace.game: http://metaspace.game/

VCH Discord: http://discord.gg/VCH

VCH Telegram: https://t.me/voxelcrazyhead_official

Contact Voxel Crazy Head: [email protected]




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